Printable Maryland Greeting Card

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With all of the technology that's available, a handwritten card is often a nice surprise.  Whether the card is hand delivered or lands in someone's mailbox, it's always fun sending a personal note to someone who has been on your mind.


Cool Maryland Design

Nothing screams MARYLAND like the iconic Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab.  They are perfect for adorning a card that you're sending to friends or relatives.  Holding the timeless heart, this card can be sent for many occasions.  



How To Get the Greeting Card

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This printable card is FREE to download for personal use.  Print on cardstock, cut along the lines, fold in half, and you're done!


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Note:  Selling or sharing the files is prohibited.  Cards are for personal use only and can not be sold or printed in bulk with permission from Maryland Blue Crab Co. (more than 10 cards).